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Constanz Hartney, Ph.D.

Constanz Hartney, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr.  Hartney graduated from Marquette University in 1985 with a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. He then became a Licensed Psychologist in 1986.

Dr. Hartney's treatment style is patient-centered, with an emphasis on rapport-building and therapeutic empathy directed at patient self-directed problem solving. His theoretical orientation is brief, solution focused therapeutic conversations using cognitive-behavioral approaches to facilitate patient progress toward emotional health. Dr. Hartney’s anxiety treatments utilize both cognitive and supportive strategies which include systematic desensitization, relaxation training and imagery rehearsal and his pain management treatments include basic stress management, cognitive restructuring, focused on distraction techniques as well as medication compliance and addiction monitoring.


Dr. Hartney taught graduate and under graduate courses in Psychology.  He has also held the following clinical and leadership positions: Director of Psychological and Social Services at Curative Rehabilitation Center, Chief Psychologist at Midwest Clinical Services; Psychology Fellow at Curative Rehab Center. Below are titles of publications and papers Dr. Hartney has accomplished:


                Education and Training of the Mentally Retarded

                Understanding Students with High Incidence Exceptionalities

                Incidence of Obesity among Retarded (sic) Children

                Psychosexual Adjustment in Spinal Cord Injured Persons

                Self Concept Enhancement in Children and Youth

                Sport Psychology and Rehabilitation of Sport Injuries

                Updates in Suicide and Suicide Prevention   

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