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Comprehensive Care for every member of the community 

About Our Clinic 

At Comprehensive Clinical and Consulting Services, we strive to provide the highest level of care to our patients on their quest to cope with their mental health. Our staff is experienced in dealing with a variety of mental health issues such as mood disorders, OCD, trauma, pain management, family/marital issues, and stress inducing hardships you may be experiencing. We utilize psychological testing as a proven tool to help in developing an individualized treatment plan for each patient. 

At CCCS we also conduct psychological evaluations to help with a diagnosis or when requested by the state or an insurance company. These evaluations are useful in worker's compensation/social security cases, ADHD or learning disability diagnoses, and for pre-surgical authorizations. 

Our clinic director, Dr. Matusiak, is an experienced forensic psychologist as well as psychotherapist. He has participated in the judicial system many times regarding family matters and custody disputes and many other situations requiring testimony from an expert psychologist. Please contact the office directly with any questions regarding a forensic case you are currently involved in. Our administrative staff would be happy set up a phone consultation with Dr. Matusiak and he can address all questions and concerns directly. 

If you wish to schedule an appointment, please visit the contact section of our website or call our office at 414-352-7682.


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